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With a 20 year background in ballet, 15 years of intensive daily asana and yogic practices, plus ten years of martial arts, Radhika teaches from a deeply intuitive place drawing on a lifetime of body work. 

After many years of intensive study of Patanjalis Ashtanga yoga path under the guidance of Sri Arya Ramesh Sheeti, disciple of BNS Iyenger in the discipline succession of Krishnamacaraya, she later went on to study the advanced Yogic philosophy pertaining to Bhakti Vedantic conclusions (essence of the entire Vendanta) in the Holy land Vrindavan, India.

After some time also studying Tantric breath work in the Himalayas, she was instructed by the baba she was learning from, to teach his classes for him which continued for three months before leaving India, where she gained experience teaching the essence of Bhagavad vedanta, mantra and tantric breath work to broader demographics.  

One highlight of her extensive yoga journey has been living in temples and ashrams for five years as a Bramacarini (Female, celibate student of the vedas). After many years of service she was given Diksa initiation by her Guru His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami. This particular part of her journey is what later became one of her main inspirations for developing the Kalpana Radhika yoga curriculum. Here the ancient and timeless teachings of Yogas roots are presented in a progressive and contemporary style. 

Before developing Kalpāna Radhika Yoga school and hosting over forty successful Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teacher Trainings and retreats worldwide including countries Bali, Thailand, Peru and all over India, she held roles in Oceana as the leading yoga therapist for New Zealand’s Olympic athletes and ran courses for The Australian federal police. She has published written articles in Bhakti yoga magazines, Om Yoga magazine (How to deal with stored emotions an baggage surfacing during a Yoga teacher Training) and is the Yoga ambassador and Global membership director for Food For Life Global an international initiative feeding millions of children worldwide on a daily basis.

Her interest in music, movement, healing and wellness lead her to complete a Diploma in Music (JMC, Melbourne), Raw Food chef certification (Seeds of life, Bali), Reiki 1,2,3 and masters levels (USUI), certification as an Instructor of Body Combat (Les Mills), Ballet Teaching accreditation (R.A.D and Cechetti), and Modern Dance Teaching accreditation (American Academy of modern dance, Advanced level Honours with Distinction).

With her studies into Yoga and research into correlations between quantum physics and yogas timeless teachings, she was drawn to study a Bachelor of science at Canterbury University in N.Z with the goal of reaching more people with yogas teachings by linking modern science with ancient wisdom. With just six months from completion, she was placed on the NZ Governments official list of Refugees when the 2010 earthquakes hit Christchurch demolishing her birth town, including her house, and University. This twist in fate was a major catalyst for her mission in inspiring others from around the globe. She is particularly passionate about self mastery and showing people they are capable of anything and can overcome anything with grace.





Govinda Dev Das, Jesús Qcori-Malki Mendoza Englberger is a true world citizen born in Perú, educated in Germany, but raised in the Indian Gaudiya VaishnavaTradition.

He travels the world teaching and inspiring by sharing his vast experience and insight into how the world can gain from the timeless knowledge available in the Vedas.

His keen interest in culture, history, sociology, ecology and politics enriches his presentations giving it a practical and visionary outlook at how a better future can be shaped.

From age 6-13 he spent studying in GURUKUL schools where the studies focused on topics relating to yogic science, vedanta, vedic cosmos, nature of the eternal soul and more. This unique upbringing gives his classes a very inspiring edge due to his depth of knowledge coupled with the ability to share in an accessible way. At the age of 19 he choose to enter into the life of a Brahmachary-Monk, spending the next 8 years studying and practicing Bhagavad Philosophy and lifestyle. His main passion since his early childhood has been the arcana process of Temple worship at which he excelled in his years as a monk.  

In 2007 he started travelling with The Festiwal Indii Summer tours by Fundacja VIVA Kultura in the Baltic sea and later Magic India Brazil Tour. There he engaged his acting, singing and dancing talents. This gave him also the chance to learn light & sound technology and stage & event management.

In the auspicious day of, Krishna Janmastami, 2009 he received harinam and dikshaInitiations from his Spiritual Master Srila Indradyumna Swami the founder, leader and inspiration of the Festivals of India tours.

He is also a very talented experimental artist, interpreting traditional Orissan and South Indian iconography in a unique way in paintings, tattoos and designs. Also he is experienced with wood art, carving and construction of altars and temple paraphernalia. He also loves to restore Temple Deities and has undertaken a few major projects for the Berlin and Prague Temples.

But above all he is a natural leader, resulting in him becoming the Temple President and Head Priest at Simhachalam The oldest Rural Ecological Temple Community in Germany, seven years ago at the young age of 26.

Fluent in Spanish, German and English he also converses well in Portuguese and knows basic French. This gives him experience as simultaneous interpreter between this languages. Still he is generally a quiet person but if you ask him a Question be sure he will give you a detailed and profound answer.

Teacher Training participants attest to his captivating classes, seemingly infinite well of knowledge and enjoyable, relevant and relatable story telling abilities!