A vision that began in the HIMALAYAS… after five years living full time in a Temple as a Bramacarini (Female, celibate student of the Vedas) I felt so passionate about sharing this ancient and drastically life altering knowledge with the world. Without adequate time allowance to convey these teachings during a one hour vinyasa class in yoga studios, the vision of Teacher training platforms came to me. I knew these would be long enough immersions to deliver ground breaking knowledge in a way that can’t help but transform participants from the inside out.

During my time living, studying and travelling throughout India, I was asked by one of my teachers to start sharing the tantric breath work teachings I was absorbed in to his large groups in the Himalayan foothills. This lead me to wish to incorporate not only the teachings of Bhakti Vedanta yet also this powerful and healing breath work along with alignment techniques I’ve found were missing during my travels. As the yoga ‘industry’ progresses yogis are seeking out other movement specialists to better understand and incorporate various movement modalities so as to gain even more mastery over mind and body capacities. I have been part of this movement studying Ido Portals methods along with Miguel Santanas hand balance techniques extensively. I have also been fortunate that one of my closest friends is a Cirque du Soleil artist who has shared with me a lot of skills, techniques and drills as a means to better incorporate safe and effective techniques for the realm of functional movement.

I feel extremely enthusiastic and passionate that our programmes offer a very unique synthesis of the most comprehensive and vast yet precise teachings on Bhakti vedanta specifically, as well as traditional and progressive movement techniques which can not only help you excel and advance in your physical practices and spiritual growth yet also give you a heads up in the employment arena.

We have countless students report that well after the programme is completed the philosophical teachings are still being realised on deeper levels and that these teachings carry them through life in a whole new supported and inspired way. It is also wonderful to witness the new career paths unfolding. We have students opening their own studios, teaching at luxury resorts in places like the Maldives, to being employed in studios all over the globe.

We also have guest teachers come in and share additional workshops on everything from Power vinyasa sequencing master classes, mindfulness workshops, inversion / arm balance master classes, marketing and more..

I’m so thrilled our offerings have developed in such a well rounded and comprehensive manner and I greatly look forward to meeting you on our programmes where you will experience this powerful journey into self mastery! Be forever transformed by the timeless gifts of Yoga and beyond, presented in a modern and progressive way.

Pranams with love -Jayaprada radhika (Founder and Lead teacher)