Mistaken identity Vs Self realisation

Mistaken identitys versus self realisation 

While we are embodied within matter we migrate through different identities / identifications. 

Be it gender, race, nationality, dogma etc.. but ultimately the person experiencing all these different changes remains the same. 

In terms of talking about mistaken identity we can dissect the meaning and simplify it to refer to having a false perception of who we are. In spiritual circles we often here the saying that we need to drop our ego to evolve yet it isn't entirely true. 

There is the true ego which differentiates the temporary and material from the immaterial and eternal. The true ego helps us on the path of self realisation and helps us observe situations that may otherwise disturb or upset and instead enables us to remain equipoised knowing that circumstance is but a fleeting moment in the grand scheme of things. 

The truth is the soul is eternal. We are spirit soul temporarily embodied in a house of flesh where know one is exempt from its gradual decay. The true ego recognises the greater design and doesn't get perturbed by minor things which the false ego amplifies. 

All temporary identifications are born from and also animated by the false ego. The false ego is focused on external experience and superficial hierarchy of exploitation and injustice. For eg putting oneself above others, comparisons, making mountains out of molehills, ratial exploitation, and expanding ideas of superiority based on external designations like race, culture, etc.. or on the other end of the spectrum which is still a function of the false ego is minimilised ego whereas one plays victim or indulges in self pityness and lower frequencies. 

The ideal Yogic path, the path of self realisation tries to find identity and individuality beyond the temporary identififcations. Our aim should be to connect more with the true ego that seeks to manifest our constant, permanent nature, personality and individuality instead of attaching it to temporary things where the false ego perpetually seperates us from truth.

The truth is we aren't superior to anyone else, we aren't less than anyone else, we are equal because we are all jivas (spiritual living entities beyond the physical form). Vedic conclusions explain on the soul level we are saccidananda. Each of us inherently full of bliss, eternal and all knowing. On the soul level none of us are inherently more blissful or more 'all knowing' than another and none of us are more 'eternal' than another. How silly does that sound to think we may be more eternal than another.. this is about how silly the false ego is. 

We have all incarnated in countless various bodies and therefor each accumulated countless karmas (positive karmas), vikaramas (negative karmas), samskaras (impressions), Anarthas (unwanted habits, drives and tendencies) so on the surface we may appear different yet inherently we are individual yes and with our own unique Rasa (Vedas explain we have individual qualities that others can perceive) yet our souls are the same. 

The true ego transcends all the conflicts that arise from temporary identifications and  is fundamentally egalitarian which sees all living entities as fundamentally equal and only temporarily in different material situations and manifestations. 

Therefor the idea is not to surpass or inhilate ego but to find true self realisation in the internal reality of personality to unchanging person within (the soul) whereas the false ego identifies with externals distracting itself with external experiences. The more we can connect on the soul level of who we are the more we can experience ourselves as saccidananda connecting to our blissful self, knowing that even when the body goes we remain and living with strong all knowing intuition that becomes clearer when the false ego stops taking our energy and makes room so we can see clearly. 

The true ego connects more and more with the experiencer, the internal individual personality. The true ego allows us to penetrate the darkness with the torch light of truth and real knowledge. The false ego dims our soul light and only perpetuates the mistaken identity for which many in the world live. 

Mistaken identify makes us want to control things, have power, prestige and cares so much how others perceive us. If we look at the world, the state of politics, consumerism, over consumption etc we can see the driving force is this mistaken identity. 

Next time your upset by something, want to be seen as more superior than someone, or want to hate on someone try and sit back for a moment. Become the observer, the witness. Instead of being compelled by the false ego identifications Take a breath.. think about this life and the much much bigger picture. For eg. your aging parents knowing that will happen to you also. Think of those who suddenly pass away knowing that also can happen to you at anytime. Think of the relationships that have passed and all the temporary manifestations in life. What really matters? Trivial identifications with such temporary manifestations? Take another breath... feel the blessing of being able to breathe, feel the air filling your belly, feel the air touching your nostrils as you exhale. Smile deeply inside knowing your alive and how blessed you are to be given a rare human birth (Vedanta explains to attain a human birth the soul has to migrate through 8,400,000 species of life), know that what makes you different from the animals is you can become self realised and can live beyond instinct and reactions. 

Sit in the space of the witness. The one inside experiencing the world of duality. Sit in the space of the unchanging spirit soul experiencing the external world of changes. Live from your true ego, equipoised and Instead of identifying with these extremely fleeting temporary external designations let go.. surrender all the mental identifications that only create suffering and know deeply that nothing in this world or the next can hurt the true nature of the soul -who you really are. You are complete and perfect. 

Dance in the freedom of your eternality. In samsara and beyond none of the trivial things matter one tiny bit if you don't give them power. There's no point making more Vikarmas for yourself by getting your knickers in a knot or trying to appear better than someone else or thinking you are less than anyone else. 

We are divine spirit. That is real. Use the true ego to light up the darkness of duality and ignorance. Don't let the false ego dim your bliss and prevent you from perceiving the grace of God present in all the many situations that have been made for you, and given to you as an opportunity for great growth. Become the witness, equipoised in knowledge of the self. 

by Jayaprada Radhika dd